She’s the girl with kaleidoscope eyes. Meet our trove team member Melody; raven-haired and softly-spoken, she is intrepid and nonchalant in equal measure.

On a long weekend not long ago, she packed an overnighter and took to the skies for the South Australian countryside. Here, she shares her favourite find: Lake Bumbunga.


I recently travelled to Adelaide after hearing so many wonderful things about the city. Although the city itself did live up to its expectations, It was the landscape of South Australia that really captured my heart. 

An hour and a half North of Adelaide is a place called ‘Lake Bumbunga’. Which totally blew my mind. A must see for anyone thinking of travelling to South Australia. Its nestled in the beautiful Australian outback amongst the red dirt. It truly is a pink paradise.

The Australian outback is often an overlooked destination of travel choice. Growing up in Australia, it was always a dream to travel to far away lands that I’d hear about and that would often get more recognition. It has only been more recently that I have started to look within Australia for travel inspiration. I am seeing the landscape, colours and botanicals of my homeland with new eyes and I’ve realised I’ve never been more in love with this place.

Images via Melody Neale.

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