Finding Inspiration With Painter Lily Rose Duffy

Lily Duffy… as sweet as her name implies. Whether it be her soulful kitchen creations or canvas’ splashed with colour as bright as her infectious spirit, this Sydney-sider is not short of creative flare. Happiest with paint brush in hand in her paint-spattered Bondi studio, you can often catch her strolling down to the beach during sunset hour. We’re enamoured with Lily’s zest for life which transpires in each of her creations; she is a Molten Store kindred spirit, the ultimate Muse and we couldn’t wait to dive a little deeper to find out more about this curious soul…

When did you first pick up a paint brush? 

I first picked up a paint brush about 5 years ago, I had just moved to Sydney from New Zealand and was living in a big arty, warehouse style apartment. My flat mates were very creative and I started exploring my own creativity. Painting…because there’s something magical when you have a blank canvas, some tools and colour. You never know exactly where it’s going. When I paint it’s going into an unknown space, there’s no me. Just inspiration, some colour and a canvas.

Artists typically don’t paint the picture (pardon the pun) of the 9-5 grind, so what does a typical day in the life of Lily entail?

I like to start my day with green tea, some meditation and a big walk alongside the coastal beaches. Then I’m most likely working at a shop in Bondi called The Health Emporium, it’s a healthy and fun social place. After work I like to spend time at the beach and do some painting or creative writing and hang out with candles, music and cook a nice dinner and… That’s my perfect day.

What are you feeling when you’re painting – is there a motivator which gets you in the zone?

I think what drives me the most to paint is how I feel when I paint. There’s nothing else that makes me happier. I lose all sense of time, while all my cares and worries vanish. It’s just about making art in the moment, that’s all. When I create art I get influenced from within more than from external aspects. Traveling and seeking beauty, in all types of environments, plant seeds of inspiration which sprout up later and manifest as ideas which transform into art.

Can you walk me through your creative process? What inspires you?

I’m inspired a lot by nature. Native and wild flowers, the weird looking ones. Bugs and insects I find fascinatingly beautiful. Being next to the ocean when the waters calm and glistening but also sitting on the cliffs when the waves are crashing wildly always fills me with inspiration. Travelling and seeing new places and surroundings, meeting and having conversations with people from all walks of life. Last year I went to Israel which was super cool, it’s such a different part of the world. My creative process.. I’m obsessed with Pinterest right now and I love creating vision boards. It’s a bit like scrolling through images and letting the inspiration build in the subconscious. I’ll often go for a big walk, and do some visualisation. I like to let the paint speak to me, that’s how I chose what colours I’ll work with, I’ll be like, “Ok guys, who wants to be a part of this…?” I like to create an ambient space to work in… I think that’s important. I light candles and put on a nice playlist. Then I’ll sit with my canvas, my colour palette and a bunch of crystals and often I’ll start painting with no fixed idea of where this is going.

Do you reference any artists in your own work?
Definitely. I’m Inspired by lots of different artists and fashion designers and I think I probably reference them in my work more than I’m aware of. I think the work of Del Kathryn Barton and William de Kooning is amazing.

Favourite colours? 

Oh gosh I love all colour. Does glitter count as a colour? If I had to pick one colour it would be pink, I love pink. I find it feminine and cute and I love it combined with red, for some passion and depth. I’m enjoying pastels at the moment and metallics too.

And your favourite painting?

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

What about your favourite museum to visit?

The Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico was fun!

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