Artistic Fling: Susan Lincoln




She draws outside the lines and has an artistic style that is unapologetically her own. To us, the is the living breathing vision of everything Molten Store embodies: light, glitter, and all things whimsy.

On any given morning you can walk into our Molten Store James St trove and spy flecks of light and rainbow bouncing across the industrial polished concrete floors. This is because we’re lucky enough to call one of Susan’s pieces our own. Her breathtaking installation, My Beautiful Landfill, is proudly on parade within our troves. Made with various curious objects – some old, some new – she has created a truly beautiful and ethereal spectacle that embodies all that is the Molten Store spirit – whimsical, otherworldly and adventurous.

Susan’s pieces reign from humble beginnings. She is effortlessly inspired by the childhood memory of being charmed with the forms of light that once danced off her mother’s crystal bracelet. She plays off this memory to experiment with form and light within space to dream up simplistic yet striking creations.




You can catch us daydreaming of the wonder that is yet to come at:

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